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A women's Networking Center

our mission is to provide a safe creative space for women to work, build, create, network, and form a community!

Multiple services provided: Host your next group meeting, workshop, lecture, popup, artist event, panel discussion, brunch, wine night, paint and sip.

We will also offer service to use the space for social media creation or work space. 

consignment deals for small women owned brands that would like their products sold in the den. 


Dream Bigger Hustle Harder activity Journal

This is a printable pages that help you focus on your personal goals or business goals. Included pages are: SWOT Analysis Monthly Goal Setting Goal Action Plan Notes Self Care Challenge Daily Gratitude Journal Print this out as many times as you need or use it on your IPAD. 

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Amanda Alonzo 

Amanda is a Mexican American born and raised is Southern California. She is a Sociologist, Author, Founder and Podcast Host for BrunchTalks with MandiRose. She obtained her B.S. in Sociology from Oregon State where she also studied Women Gender Studies. She created the FemPower Den to provide a safe place for women to network, grow, create, build, and support.  

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